Real Estate Photography


Indoor and Outdoor Photo Package

$150 (2900 sqft and under) For Homes over 5000 sqft, please contact us for pricing. Get both exterior and interior shots, and digital files to share for your marketing and MLS. 

Getting ready for the photographer

What to do Before the Photographer Arrives: Your house will be photographed completely on the interior and exterior. This checklist will help you and your photographer prepare amazing photos of your listing. The photos of your house are “your first open house” for potential buyers. Clean from the ceiling to the floorboards. The camera lens picks up every speck of dust in the photos. Remember – “clutter eats equity” and you want to show the spaciousness of your house; so if you’re not using it, pack it away. Pack all personal photos, especially those of children. Your house is going to be viewed on the internet – with your address listed. This protects you and your family. Clean windows and mirrors. Make sure all lights have working light bulbs. Recessed light bulbs need to match and they should all be about 3,000K and a minimum of 800 Lumen (equivalent to about 60 watts). Lamps should have 800 Lumen Warm White bulbs. Turn on all the lights inside and outside. Toilet lids down. Turn off all ceiling fans. Completely open all draperies; point horizontal blinds to the ceiling. Remove cars from driveway and close the garage door. If you choose to stay home during the photo shoot, all foot traffic should be eliminated in photo shoot area. It’s best to arrange a fur baby (pet) sitter while your house is being photographed. Place pet toys, beds and food dishes away.

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